C2C Family


C2C Family

Who are our C2C Family members?

C2C family members are those who serve God in specific roles using their gifting, training, experience and heart passion to share the Good News of the gospel. Like the Apostle Paul and his team they can say that it’s God’s love that compels, controls and guides them into places and ministries in many parts of the world (2 Corinthians 5:14).

In addition they trust God for the supply of their needs. This comes from our Faith Promise giving, support from Christian friends and family, and part-time work where this is available.

Where do they serve?

In our local Community. Many C2C Family members serve as Chaplains in primary and secondary schools in our area. Others reach out to the local Indigenous Noongar people through the ministry of Moordittj Keila. And others seek to reach out to the international student body of Curtin University with a particular heart for Muslim students.
In the City of Perth. C2C Family members serve with Eagles City Mission in outreach to the homeless and disadvantaged of the City.
In our Country. C2C Family members serve students and their families as Chaplains to Kununurra District High School and reaching Indigenous Australians throughout Western Australia.
In our Cosmos. This is where the majority of our C2C Family can be found. They serve in the UK, East Asia and Southeast Asia, usually as members of a mission agency which gives oversight, ministry support/training and on-field pastoral care. Lifestreams works with the mission agencies to supply finance and pastoral care of C2C members. Ministries include outreach to the urban poor, evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership training.
In addition we have partnerships with strategic national leaders in Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.