C2C Go

C2C Go

Jesus’ command to make disciple requires us to go. We go into our everyday life seeking opportunities to be salt and light. We go into our community sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus. And we take this Good News around the world. Where does God want you to go?

Short Term Trips

Short term trips are a great way to get involved with the mission of the church outside our everyday community – email Luke Tassell for more information about upcoming opportunities in this area.

Eagles City Mission

Eagles City Mission runs outreach to homeless and marginalised families in the City of Perth. Check out their website here to find out more.

Meals with International Students and Families

Want to try your hand at sharing Christ with international students at Curtin University and new families in the South Perth region? Send us an email to find our more.

‘God has brought the world to our doorstep. Muslims, Hindus, Chinese people and others live and work in our neighbourhood – perhaps even next door. Do we care enough about these people to move outside of our comfort zones, conquer our fears and bring the love of Christ to them in genuine friendship? It is the love of Christ that transforms lives and it is the love of Christ that can transform the world.’ (Wood, 2010, Missions Frontiers).