C2C Pray

C2C Pray

The Bible says that our prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16). They make a difference!

Prayer allows us to partner with our C2C family as they make disciples. It is the lifeblood of their work. Prayer ushers us into God’s presence where we hear His heartbeat for the world.

See below for all of the different opportunities to pray…

Pray for our C2C Family

Click here to sign up for our weekly C2C prayer emails.

Pray for the World

Prayercast have short prayer videos for every nation of the world. Click here to find out more.

Pray for Muslims in Perth

More than 30,000 Muslims now live in Western Australia. Through our prayers we have the opportunity to make an eternal difference in their lives. Click here to download a 20 day prayer guide for Muslims who live in Perth.

Pray for Bali

Australia’s favourite holiday island, is also home to more than 4 million people. If you scratch beneath the surface and can see behind the smilling faces, it becomes very obvious that Bali is an island in need of our Saviour’s help. Click here to download our prayer guide for Bali.

C2C Prayer Meetings

A number of prayer meetings run each month for our C2C family. Click here to email us your details so we can inform you of the different options.


‘Prayer is the greatest weapon that any disciple maker can wield… Prayer takes the spiritual battle out of the human realm and puts it fully into God’s hands, and not even the powers of hell itself can stand against His mighty Spirit.’

Jerry Trousdale, ‘Miraculous Movements’