Towards a Healthy Next with Dr Keith Farmer

Guest Speaker: Dr. Keith Farmer.healthy-next

Mentor, semi-retired Previously Principal of Australian College of Ministries/ Pastor/Psychologist Keith has been involved in ministry and ministry training over many years. Keith has been involved in local church ministries in NSW & Victoria and then for 24 years was the Principal of what is now known as the Australian College of Ministries – ACoM. Keith is now involved in an itinerant ministry providing mentoring to Christian ministers and leaders across Australia, as well as some preaching and teaching. Keith is passionate about helping Christian leaders to develop in spiritual and personal maturity for ‘who they are’ to sustain ministry and service. He and his wife, Margaret, are based in NSW. They have three married children and nine grandchildren.

The issues that Keith explores with us in this podcast are vital to us as we transition into the next season of life.  Click here to have a listen…