Small Group Questions: Who do you think WE are? (Ephesians 5:1-6)

Invite someone to pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.


Take an empty glass, hand it to one of the group. Each group member tell the person holding the glass something they appreciate about them. Hand the glass to each member of the group in turn.

Stop and thank God for the group, and for His love and blessings in each person’s life.

Read Ephesians 5:1-6

  1. Are there times when you have experienced the reality of being ‘God’s dearly loved children’?
  2. Share ways people have loved you well and/ or when you have loved others well.
    If appropriate, share how someone has loved you sacrificially.What happened for you in this? How did you feel? What was the overflow or result?
  3. David gave the example of a minister (Rob) who was bad mouthed by another pastor. Rob soaked in God’s love, prayed blessing on the person and then spoke blessing into his life. He loved this person who hurt him.Consider your heart response to this. Have you ever responded to hurt in that manner? Share with the group what happened. What can God do in this?
  4. In verses 3, 4 Paul outlines some things we in Christ should not be involved in.
    Why does he mention these specifically?
    What happens to people and communities when these are practised?
  5. Thanksgiving is listed as what we should practise. How can thanksgiving help us and help the kingdom of God?
    Take some time now to write down what you are thankful for. Pray them out in your group.
    What happened?
  6. What questions do you have out of verses 5 and 6? Dialogue on these.
  7. How can you help each other (and others outside your group) to not be deceived but to stay with the truth in following God’s example?
  8. Out of this passage and dialogue, what has God really spoken to you about? Any actions?

Pray to close the time together, consider giving thanks, praying in support of each other and pray for further revelation of God’s love in each of your lives.

God Bless.

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