C2C Mission Sunday Small Group Questions


Small Group Questions…

C2C Sunday with Dwayne Frolek (Dwayne is the Team Leader at the University of the Nations (YWAM) in Bali and is a part of our C2C mission family.)

Have someone pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.


-Rob Reimer in his book entitled SOUL CARE says, “The people of God make more mistakes in times of fear than any other time. This is why the number one command of scripture is “fear not.”  You must overcome your fears to be spiritually healthy.”
-Discuss this quote! Do you agree, disagree?


-In what ways do you think you can challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone to advance God’s kingdom?  Maybe this would involve going places, volunteering with ministries or meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet.

-Try to identify areas of fear in your life.  What fears do you have?  Encourage your group to share one that is on their hearts today!  What are some steps you can take to face and overcome these fears.  If you are afraid of certain people, maybe you can take steps to learn more about and to grow in your understanding of them.

-What is your response to this quote:  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke.  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Why or why not?

-What is your response to the Muslim world?  How can you get yourself involved, either through prayer, or ministry, or relationship, or giving or all of these in advancing God’s kingdom among Muslims.


You may like to close by praying for each other and specifically praying for the Muslims you know.

God Bless.

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