Small Group Questions: His Name is… Wonderful


What is your name?”

Ask the group if they know the meaning of their names and have them share. Some may not know, ask someone with an electronic device to look up the meaning of anyone’s name that is uncertain.

Does your name bear any resemblance to your character? Does it say something about you?

If there are parents in the group, ask if they considered the meaning of the name they chose for their child or children.

Spend some time praying that each member’s identity may be found in Christ rather than in their name or any other label that may be applied to them.

Have someone read Isaiah 9:1-7 


  1. Explain
    Jesus demonstrated His wonderfulness in various ways when He was on the Earth – let’s review them for a moment:

    – Beginning with His conception in the womb of a virgin (Matthew 1:23)
    – He showed He is the “wonderful” One in His power to heal (Matthew 4:23)
    – His wonderful teaching
    What do you think is wonderful about Jesus? 
  2. Consider
    Jesus taught many wonderful things that are counterintuitive to the human mind:

    – “Blessed are those who mourn” (Matthew 5:4)
    – “Rejoice and be glad” in persecution (Matthew 5:11–12)
    – “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6:27)
    What is your response to these teachings?

    How can we apply these in our lives?
  3. Inspiration and Example
    Jesus’ kind of wonderful is awe-inspiring and superior to any other kind, for He is perfect in every way (Matthew 5:48)
    What does this mean?
    How can we follow His example, or become more like Him?
    What hope do we gain from Jesus’ example? 
  4. Jesus as Counsellor
    Let the group discuss Jesus’ position as our Wonderful Counsellor and what this means for us.

    Use the following passages to prompt conversation:
    – Proverbs 3:6
    – Philippians 4:6
    – James 1:5
    – 1 John 4:19
    – Romans 5:8
  5. Reflection
    As we grow older we lose our sense of wonder.

    How can we recreate wonder and awe as we think about his conception (Isaiah 9:6) His power to heal (Matthew 4:23), His authority (Mark 1:22), His radical teaching (Matthew 5:39), His perfect life (John 8:36), His incredible wisdom (Proverbs 3:6), available for us today simply by asking and listening; His incomprehensible love (Romans 5:8)
    Talk about means to recreate or make room for wonder.
  6. Meditate
    Listen to the track “Mary Did You Know?

    Consider the wonder of Jesus life and existence.
    Talk about the miracles of renewal that have happened in your lives, and the things you have been delivered from.
    The lyrics include ‘Mary did you know that your baby boy would… walk on water and… calm the storm?’

    What storms have you seen him calm, and what storms need calming today?

The lyrics also included the phrase ‘Did you know your baby boy is Heaven’s perfect Lamb, the great I AM?’
Thank God together for His indescribable GIFT.
Take time to rejoice and worship in prayer.
Celebrate the earthly life of Jesus.
Pray for the group, that each may be inspired by the example of Jesus and grow in understanding and love for Him, that the power of Jesus may be released and revealed in their lives.

God Bless.

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