Small Group Questions: His Name is… Powerful

Invite someone to pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.


Who would you say is a powerful person, and why?
Discuss this in the group and compare ideas of powerful people


What impacted you out of David’s sermon?

Ask the group to share a time when they experienced the power of the name of Jesus

Philippians 2:9

What is the significance of Jesus having the name that is above every name for you?

David used the story in Acts 3 to illustrate the power in Jesus name.
What other stories or situations in the New Testament can you think of that also illustrate the power of Jesus name?
Discuss this in your group.

What do you notice?
How are you affected?

David told the story of the lady facing a drunk with a stick who said ‘In the name of Jesus drop that’ and he did.
Have you ever seen someone use the name of Jesus to do something powerful?
Have you ever seen a demon submit to commands in the name of Jesus?
Have you ever defended yourself from what seemed like a demonic attack by speaking the name of Jesus?
Have you ever seen someone healed in his name?
If you’ve experienced any of these, tell the story so the whole group can praise the Lord.
If not, is it because you really don’t believe, or just that you’ve never asked?

Reflect and Pray
How did the life story shared in the message impact you and how you live?
Pray for people who have been through difficult, criminal and violent circumstances.

Have members of your group read Acts 4:12, Romans 1:16 and Romans 10:17

What do these verses mean for you?

Spend some time just quietly speaking out the name of Jesus.
Pray some prayers that require a lot of faith, desperation prayers in the name of Jesus
Pray for people you know who need to call  on the name of the Lord

Take Action
This week practise declaring the name of Jesus as often as you remember in as many different locations as you can.

God Bless.

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