Small Group Questions: Vision 2017

Vision 2017

Invite someone to pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.


Share with your group what your favourite plant/vegetable or tree and the reason why?


Rod said, “We’re in this together.” But our problem is not belief, it’s behaviour. How can we cultivate a culture that enables what we believe to be evident in our behaviour?

Read Ephesians 3:16. God’s glorious riches are there to strengthen us with power through His Spirit in our inner being, our soul. List as many factors as you can that limit us and stop us tapping into all those glorious resources. Discuss how to overcome those limitations and get the Spirit flowing.

Read Psalm 23:3 and share times when your soul was refreshed and restored.

Read James 1:22 and John 15:5. What makes it difficult sometimes to do what the Bible says? What does it mean for us to be intentional about growing?

Read Ephesians 5:18 and remember that we’re meant to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. Open your hearts to God and all He wants for you, and pray for each other to be filled now.

God Bless.

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