Small Group Questions: C2C


Invite someone to pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.


Have you ever been surprised by a gift? Share with the group what the gift was and how you responded to the surprise.


Read Matthew 5:13

We are the salt of the earth, precious, valuable to our Father in heaven.
Salt is our identity, who we are and what we do.
How does this make you feel?
Discuss what this means.

As spiritual salt we preserve against moral decay.
How can this truth be applied in our relationship to our politicians, to social and political issues of our time?
Name some issues that you feel we could be speaking out against.
How do we speak out boldly, yet with love and grace?
Do you support the Christian lobby groups in Canberra, eg Australian Christian Lobby, ACL?

As spiritual salt we provide flavour.
Much of our world seems spiritually flavourless, people see no meaning to their lives.
Pray together for your friends and colleagues to see the flavour of Jesus in you.

John shared about prayer, stating that giving without praying could be useless.
Consider the various ministries you support, make a list.
As a group take time to pray for one ministry from each persons list: this may include the local church, national or international mission or aid.

Rod shared after the message that his GO is the local football team and their parents.
Discuss possible GO areas for each of you.

Sharni shared about the need and willingness to grow.
Consider where you may need to grow this year.
Discuss these areas with the group, seek to encourage and support each other in this growth.

Ask one of the group to close the time in prayer for the group to be ‘salt’, to identify where they can give and when they should pray. Pray that each person will be willing to go and to grow.

God Bless.

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