Small Group Questions: Open the Suitcase

Vision 2017

Invite someone to pray asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.

When you pack a suitcase for travel are you a “folder”, “roller” or “stuffer”?
Do you pack your own luggage or do you trust someone else to pack?

Share with the group

The thought of pain can inhibit us from taking an action that would benefit us.
Among the group discuss examples of beneficial pain.

Have one of the group read John 15:1
Talk about God the Father as the gardener and what that means for us as branches of the vine.

Have one of the group read John 15:2 & 6 (not 2 to 6)
Note that every branch is pruned.
What two kinds of branches are there and what is the purpose of pruning each kind?

Have one of the group read John 15:3
Discuss the cleaning and pruning functions of the scriptures.

Have one of the group read John 15:4-5
‘Remain’ has been translated ‘abide’, ‘stay close’, ‘hang out’ and ‘practise the presence’:
How would you translate it?

Read Titus 2:14
If the purpose of Jesus’ death was to purify for God a people all His own, how can our remaining in Christ achieve that?

Have one of the group read John 15: verses 5,7,8 & 11
What are the by-products of practising the Presence?
Why is it important that we focus on being in His presence rather than the by-products?

Have one of the group read John 15:9-10
What is one clear way Jesus gives us to remain in Him?
What are other ways we can try to keep conscious of Him all day?

Take time to pray for each other in the group.
Pray that each person remains in Him, has space to practice being in the presence of Jesus.
Pray for pruning and the strength through Jesus to endure it.

God Bless.

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