Small Group Questions: Ash Barker

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When you wear a hole in a sock, do you stitch it or replace it?

Invite someone to pray, asking the Spirit to move and speak during your small group time.

Have one of the group read James 2:14

What good is it, if people claim to have faith but there is no evidence in deeds?
Do you think you’ll get anywhere if you learn the right words and thoughts but don’t do anything about it?

Can such faith without action save people? Why or why not?
Does merely talking about faith indicate that a person actually has faith?

If you came across someone hungry and unkempt, and said ‘Have a good day! Hope you get everything you need!’ but actually do nothing to help, what good is that?
How else can you respond?
In whose strength do you respond: your own or God’s?

How can we put our faith into action?
Are you expectant that there is practical application of your faith every day?
How do you prepare to respond or act out of your faith?

Poverty is oppression, not being free to live the kind of life you dream of.
We do more than rescue drowning people, we find out who is throwing them in.

If we find out the source of oppression and poverty, how can we be involved in delivering people from these circumstances?

Ash suggested that the opposite of addiction is belonging, being loved and accepted into the family. The cause of addiction is rejection.
Discuss this idea, and reflect on why love and belonging are opposite to addiction.

When Angie and Ash arrived in Birmingham everything went wrong. Ash’s job was cancelled, they went into debt and they despaired that they may have misheard their calling. Then they began to understand the people who live there, and they were ready to work with that community.
Ash called it the sign of Jonah: being in the belly of the fish, to be spat out on the shore.

What encouragement can you draw from this story?
Are there circumstances in your life that feel as though you are “in the belly of the fish”.
Are you expectant that God may use your circumstances for good, and to minister to others?

Pray for the strength and courage to put our faith into action
Pray for those in our communities facing oppression or poverty
Pray for opportunities to minister and love those people