Why Bother to Pray?

Does it make a Difference?


  • Failing to pray for ourselves in our daily lives is like sending out the ground troops with no aerial backup, intelligence planning, or big guns.
  • Failing to pray for our ministers and chaplains is sending our elite troops firing blanks.
  • Failing to pray for our workers overseas is like opening a Masters store in a suburb where Bunnings is huge, and not even giving them market research or an advertising budget.
  • Failing to pray for our youth and children’s leaders gives them no answers for a rebellious or disruptive young person in need.
  • Failing to pray is planning to fail.

God’s power is available in answer to prayer. To be real prayer, it must be heartfelt – something you truly care about and want badly; and it must be continued – you hang in there till your request is granted.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 says that the prayers we fight with are mighty through God to demolish entrenched enemy positions, to bring every straying thought into obedience to Christ, and to dismantle every proud obstacle set up against the progress of the gospel. Fall on your knees! That’s when you’re dangerous!

John Bardsley

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