Small Group Questions – Alisha Faulkner


Have you ever broken a limb or damaged a major joint?
Share with the group how you coped.
Was it hard?
Were there humorous things that happened as a result?

Have one of the group read Philippians 1:29-30.

Discuss this statement: ‘This is a blessed life, but pain and suffering are part of it. Our world is messy and broken. We are all broken.’

Reflect on the pain and suffering in your own life, and where you are broken and need healing.
Share what you are comfortable to share and pray for one another, perhaps in pairs.

Alisha and the UNOH team have chosen one of the most broken communities in Bangkok and are making a conscious consistent effort to live in it with them and raise their hopes and increase their participation in trying to help themselves. The jewellery business, the catering business, and the house church are three of their major successes.

Which of these impacted you the most?

Describe the pain and suffering of other people in your world.

Alisha said ‘Don’t be afraid of it. There’s so much hope in the midst of it.’
Can you see this hope?
Can you bring any hope?
Can you see God working in the midst of suffering?

Discuss what the Cross of Jesus has to do with suffering and hope.

Here are three worship songs that we currently sing as a church. Play any or all of these for the group and share a time of worship together. If you are not comfortable to sing together you can listen and focus on the words and worshiping God in your meditation:

O Come to the Altar

Desert Song

Our God

Out of this time of worship, pray together as a group: Pray for sensitivity to suffering, a chance to witness through suffering and into the lives of people around you. Pray for the chance to bring the light of Christ into people’s lives.