Small group questions – Mothers Day


Ice Breaker
Do you have a favourite “Mother figure” from film or media? Why is she your favourite?
Share with the group.

In the message we heard that “Motherhood recalibrates your world – having someone else to put first.” Discuss this with the group.

We also heard that it is important to “Stay connected to Jesus in small moments. Worship because of the wonder of the way the baby’s made. Pray 20 times a day ‘Lord, give me patience!'”
Is this practical?
Even if you are not a mother, can you practice some of these things?
How would this change your perspective?

One of our ladies share “I am a stronger person in God through the experience of losing my husband.”
Discuss how this is possible?
Does this challenge you or inspire you?

Another comment was “This church was my saving grace. I chose people to mentor me.”
How can a mentor help you grow in faith?
Would you benefit from a mentor?
Could you also mentor someone younger in the faith at the same time, is this an opportunity for you to be a spiritual mum or dad?

In what ways do we sometimes take ourselves too seriously?

Have one of the group read Philippians 1:9-11.
Pray this over one another.

The old proverb says ‘Love is blind’ but this agape love knows more and more about me, loves me just the same, and still discerns from God what is the best way to go.
Discuss that kind of love.
What do you think is the fruit of righteousness (verse 11)?

Read Matthew 26:6-13 and then spend some time worshiping the Lord with all the gratitude and wonder that he deserves. Pour out your alabaster jar!