Small Group Questions – Our Body is a Temple


While Renita was paralysed, she learned trust, patience and the power of prayer. She is grateful for every single improvement in her movement. She knows that God is in control. Praise God for all He has done in teaching and healing Renita, and pray for full movement to return to her right hand.

If you heard her story, what impacted you?
Share stories of hard times you’ve been through and how you experienced God in the midst of it all.

Have one of the group read 1 Corinthians 6:12
Discuss how this passage relates to addictions.

Have one of the group read 1 Corinthians 6:13-20
Work in pairs to find as many reasons as you can to answer these questions:

·         Why is your body not your body?

·         What does it mean for you to “ honour God with your body”?

Secrets give Satan power to destroy us.
Who do you have to share your ‘secrets’ with?

Imagine sitting next to Jesus and him looking right inside you and seeing the things you are most ashamed of. He knows you have confessed them and his blood has paid the penalty. He knows you are forgiven, but do you know you are forgiven? Wrap them up in a big parcel and give them to Him: He wants to take them. Close your eyes and ask Jesus to show you what He wants to do with them.

Share in communion together remembering the price Jesus paid for your life.


Pray for each other, that you may trust Jesus to take your shame, embarrassment and reservations about forgiveness.
Pray for freedom in Christ.
Pray for a knowledge of His love and provision even in the hard times.