Small Group Questions – Harvest Workers


Have you ever been lost?
How did you find your way again?
Do you know anyone with an uncanny sense of direction?
Share with the group.

Have one of the group read Matthew 9:34-10:1
Brett shared about having compassion for those who are lost and out of place.
What moves you with compassion?
Are there people in your world for whom you feel a strong burden, connection and empathy?

Share with the group and take some time to pray into the lives of the people for whom you are moved.

Jesus proclaimed the good news of the kingdom, and demonstrated the good news in healing.
How do we proclaim the good news of the kingdom?
How do you tend to the physical needs of people around you?
Is there an opportunity in your world to tend to physical needs and demonstrate the good news?
Does anything block you from doing this, and if so, what could help you overcome that block?

Brett mentioned that believers are called to be harvest workers.
What does this mean?
Is this an individual pursuit, why/why not?

Brett mentioned that sharing your faith grows your faith.
Why do you think this is the case?

Have one of the group read Colossians 4:5-6
What does it mean to let your conversation be full of grace and seasoned with salt?
Is this something we need to be intentional about?
What, if anything, needs to change in you for this to be the case?

Have one of the group read Philemon 1:6

Pray this verse over each other, that you may take every opportunity to share your faith and through this grow in understanding of every good thing we have in Jesus Christ.