Prayer During Ramadan

 Ramadan. An Important Time To Pray!

Millions of Muslims have almost finished their month of fasting during Ramadan. From sunrise until sunset they will fast from food and water.

For many Muslims this month is not just a ritual, but an intense period of seeking to know more about Allah. Salvation is not assured for Muslims; Allah is a distant, transcendent God, prayers are ritualistic… Ramadan is one of the occasions where sincere Muslims try to overcome this gap, to encounter Allah.

Is it then a surprise, that many Muslims report dreams and visions of Jesus during Ramadan?

God is moving in the Muslim world like no other time in history. The research is abundant and clear. And for many Muslims, is in a miraculous encounter with Jesus (through dreams; healing; visions) that starts them on a journey to find more about Isa Al Masih (Jesus the Messiah).

So, how can we love Muslims during Ramadan? How do we respond in the face of terrorism?

Very practically, we can respond in prayer – knowing that the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective. They make a difference!

Join millions of believers in praying for Muslims during Ramadan. For daily prayer points go to: (INSERT WEBSITE FROM POWERPOINT).

The one common feature of every great movement of Muslims to Christ is prayer! Through prayer, the God of the universe invites us to partner with Him as He changes this world.

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