Small Group Questions – Flourishing Where He Has You Planted


1 Corinthians 7:17-24
Read the passage again


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Do you remember the “Big Idea” from Sunday’s message?

Are you living in peace with the people around you? Feel free to elaborate…

Do you feel like you are flourishing where God has you planted today?
Are you on a hill or in a valley?

What is one “mountain top” of life and faith that you have experienced?
How has this helped you grow?

What is the most important “valley” you’ve experienced?
What did you learn in that valley?
Read Psalm 23, notice the pace.
Did you run or did you walk through that valley?
Who or what helped you through that time?

Who do you know that is experiencing a valley?
How can you help or walk with them through the valley?
What empathy can you share and what hope can you bring?

If you have time share what encourages you about the truth/s in Romans 8:28-39

Pray for each other as a group. Pray for the courage to acknowledge the valleys and to walk together through them. Pray for the hope and faith in Christ through valleys.