Small Group Questions – The Gift of Singleness

Ice Breaker
Can you recall a moment when you were surprised by love? A time that someone acted in a way that showed love and care that you didn’t expect?
Share with the group.

Have one of the group read 1 Corinthians 7:25-40
Can you think of a famous and influential single person?
What defines their fame and influence?
Has singleness helped or hindered them in your opinion?

Miranda shared of her experience of relationships and singleness.
What spoke to you in her testimony?
What challenged you?
Were there moments that were uncomfortable to consider?

She shared of the hope of her prayers answered in a relationship that turned out to be betrayal and deceipt. She held on to her first impression of the relationship even when the reality was different to her hopes.
How do you discern truth from deception in human relationships?
How do you assess relationships with a healthy perspective?
What was the result of Miranda elevating this relationship and holding on to her first impression, what happened to her faith and spiritual life?

Miranda shared that she had learnt that you must have a relationship with God first to have other healthy relationships.
What does this mean?
How do you have relationship with God?
If you had to describe this to a friend who does not follow Jesus, how would you explain it?

Rod’s big idea was “Flourish where God has you planted.”
What stops you flourishing?
Are there relationships in your life that prevent you from flourishing? Why?
Are you single, and struggling to flourish? Why?

As a group consider the different stages of life in which people may be single, and the circumstances of their singleness.
Are there circumstances that complicate singleness?
How can you be compassionate and encouraging to the single people around you?

Rod listed three gifts of singleness:

  • Singles don’t face as many troubles.
  • Singles are better positioned to maintain spiritual priorities.
  • Singles can give undivided devotion to Jesus.

Are these possible in each of the circumstances you considered?
Have you seen people living the benefit of these gifts?

Have one of the group read 1 Corinthians 7: 29-35 again.
Are you ever overwhelmed by the social and material things of this world?
How can you live for Jesus in the midst of these things?
How do we steward of what God has given us without being subject to material things?
Are you prepared to forsake these things for the gospel?

Are you flourishing where God has you planted?
Share with the group.

Read of God’s heart for people in Isaiah 56:3-8 and Ephesians 1:3-5.
Take time to pray for each other and for the social world of each of the members of the group. Pray for singles, married couples, for divorcees and the widowed. Pray that all may have hope and experience love. Pray that all may know what it is to be “adopted” into the family of God. Pray that each member of the group is prepared to put God first in relationship and above material things. Pray that each may flourish where God has them planted.