You Want Me to What? August Prayer Commitment.

You want me to pray for the world?  I can’t even keep up with praying for my own family!

Do you often feel prayer is a burden; something you should do as a Christian but it’s just too hard?  We read in the New Testament about Jesus finding time to get away by himself and pray; and even though the Apostle Paul asked others to pray for himself and the New Testament churches, he still made time in his busy life to pray too.  How did they manage it?

We all have family and friends we relate closely with.  If they are ill or in difficult situations then naturally we want to express our love and care for them and praying is one way we do that.  Our prayers for them come out of our relationship.   It’s also relatively easy to pray for church ministries, work situations or social groups where we or our family may be impacted by things that happen.

But in the rush of life it’s still hard to remember to pray and we can get to the end of the day thinking, “Oh, I meant to pray for … but there just wasn’t time.  Perhaps I need others to pray with me and that way the situation might be covered.”

That’s one reason each week we have the opportunity to send in prayer points to the church office which are then circulated to a group of people who are committed to pray.  Sharing a prayer point can take some of the prayer pressure off us, and the situation then feels more manageable.  However, we still need to make time to pray.

And now, for the month of August, C2C is asking prayer for all the workers and ministries we support!    “Too much” you say, “I just can’t do that.”  Hang on a minute.  We know our prayers for family and friends flow out of our relationship with them.  But in truth, all prayer needs to come out of our relationship with God the Father.  And it’s His love and concern for the world that can help us to pray for people and situations that we are not involved with personally.

Could you commit five minutes each day of August to read a page of the prayer booklet and pray for the points outlined?  It’s not a lot of time.  Maybe while you are eating lunch or having a coffee or some other time that suits your situation.  See it as a way of growing in your relationship with God; sharing His concern for the world, as well as His love for your family and friends.  Go on!  Make the commitment to pray and see how God blesses you during August.




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