Small Group Questions – Is the Bible Worth Reading

Have you ever read a book (other than the bible) or watched a film that changed your world view?
Share with the group.

Does the bible have entertainment value?
Would you ever suggest to people that it is worth reading the bible for the stories? Why/why not?

Do you think that you can explain to people that the bible is worth studying as the foundation of one of the world’s great belief systems?
Is this different or the same for the sacred texts of other beliefs? Why?

The bible is a big influence in the great achievements of Western civilisation: ethics, legal systems, compassion.
Do you agree or disagree? Why?
Do people in your sphere of influence (those around you in life) recognise this?
Would they be open to a conversation regarding the good influence of the bible?

Reading the bible makes sense of other literature, it is the source of quotes in our language such as ‘the skin of his teeth’, ‘the powers that be’, ‘wash your hands of it’, ‘kill the fatted calf’ etc.
Could you discuss with people the literary influence of the bible?
Does this open a door to people to read the bible?

Have one of the group read 2 Timothy 3:15-17.
What are the benefits of reading the bible as taken from these verses?
Have you experienced this?
What do you hope to experience or gain as you read the bible?
What do you hope will happen to people in your sphere if they read the bible?
Do you have an example of the impact of reading the bible in your life or from one of your friends? Share with the group.

NT Wright explains the role of the bible in the life of the Church and of Christians as follows:
Suppose there was a play whose fifth act was lost. The first four acts are provided, but it is the role of the actors to improvise the fifth act. In doing so they draw on their knowledge of the first four acts, their knowledge of the playwright, and in keeping with the nature of the play they complete the fifth act. They must adapt what they know in this “as yet unfinished drama”. The role of christians, and the Church, is to live out the fifth act of the play in keeping with the bible and the nature of God.

Does this picture help you or hinder you?
What do we know of the nature of God from the bible?
How can you live out the “fifth act” in keeping with the nature of the bible and God?
How do you improvise? Why would you need to?

Pray for each other in the group to have an appetite for the bible, that we would long to read it and would be open to all that God reveals in the bible. Pray for the sphere of influence of each of the group members, pray for an opportunity to share about the unique nature of the bible and the God that we know.