Small Group Questions – God is Building His Church

Have you ever had an amusing experience or confusion over accents or pronunciation?  What happened?
Did words or actions reveal the confusion?
How did it end?

Churches in some parts of the world are justified in feeling a little insecure, surrounded as they are by a sea of the majority faith, which used to be moderate, but now is an unknown quantity.
How inhibited are you witnessing in your non-Christian workplace?
Is it becoming easier or harder?
What factors are changing the atmosphere there?

Have one of the group read Matthew 16:18
Yusup said that Satan is holed up in his strongholds with the gates shut and barred to prevent the people of God bursting in, but that this verse promises those gates will be broken down by the power of God as believers go out boldly with the gospel.
In what ways are Yusup and his teams proving this to be accurate?
What was Yusup asking for that would make it even more effective?
Discuss how you could cash in on the promise in this verse and go out boldly in your situations?

If you heard the message, which of Yusup’s other stories impacted you the most? Why?
Planting a church in the middle of a crime and gang ravaged suburb, and seeing crime decrease?
Teaching children about Jesus in an unexpected locations, and seeing the gospel flourish there?
Yusup’s church planters who have asked to live on the dump with the people so they can be with them 24/7?
Other elements of his message.

How do you hope that God will use you, and your faith in him, to impact your sphere of influence?
Are there steps you need to take in faith to allow God to use you?

Yusup spoke of a man that said to him: ‘There must be something special in your faith to make you love us so much. I want that too.’
Thank God for the man who said that to Yusup.
Pray for him.
Pray for many more to have this sort of experience and desire.
Pray that people in your sphere of influence may say and feel the same thing.