Small Group Questions – Restoring our Soul

Is there a place you go to, or are drawn to, when you need refreshment and rest? Share with the group.

As a group read through Mark 6, swapping at each change in paragraph.

The stresses of life. Look at each of these statements as a group, do the verses outline these circumstances?
living with criticism and misunderstanding 6:1-4;
intense work activity and ministry 6:7-12;
bereavement 6:14-28
rush and hurriedness 6:31.
Share: What have been your biggest stresses over the past month or two?

What was the cure Jesus prescribed in 6:31?
When was the last time you tried it? How did it go?
How often have you needed it and not been able to take it?
How often did you soldier on thinking you didn’t need it or couldn’t get away?
Andrew said ‘Too much on my plate had depleted my soul’. Describe what it is like to be depleted like that.

In 6:32-44 their solitary retreat was crowded, but Jesus rose to the occasion magnificently.
What resources do you think he must have drawn on?
What resources can we draw on?
Share a story of a time that you drew on extra resources and overcame, or share of a times you didn’t.

Have someone read 6:45 -48
Discuss the benefits of strenuous physical activity like rowing after such a manic crowded time of ministry.
Discuss the benefits of being alone on the mountain with God.
Was Jesus selfish?

Andrew said ‘Read the signs of your body, your emotions, and your soul.’
Spend some time alone answering these four questions:
Are you suffering physically because you need a break?
Are your family and colleagues suffering because your emotions are stretched too tight?
Is your soul suffering because you are stealing time you had promised to spend with God?
What will you do about it?

Read Psalm 23:2-3, and ask the group to hold you accountable to your ‘I will . . ..’ promise to God.

Pray for each other, that you would keep each other accountable on your ‘I will’ promise.
Pray into the discussions you’ve had. That what God has brought into light in your life would be acted upon.