Small Group Questions – Do Nothing to Distract from the Glory of God

Do you wear hats indoors, why/why not? Are there times when it’s not OK?
Has your hat or haircut ever caused you trouble?

Watch and Listen
Play this you tube clip:

Share one thing you learnt or were reminded of through the video

Take turns as a group to read 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Rod spoke of the Church of Christ guidelines. Ask the group if they recall what they are.
In essentials: Unity. In non-essentials: Liberty. Through all beliefs: we show Love
Why would these guidelines be important?
What might unity look like in worship gatherings?
What are some essentials in faith, worship and discipleship?
What if we disagree as a group, and have different ‘essentials’?

Share one thing that distracts you in worship, and explain why?
Consider this quote from Leighton Ford: “Why are we so easily distracted? My first inclination is blame the noisy and busy world around us. Then I realise it is far more my distractible self that is the problem”
Consider if you are mastered by your distractions, is there anything you could do to prevent distraction?
On whom do you focus in worship?

Why might we need to be aware of distracting others?
Share something that helps you focus during times of community worship.

Have one of the group read Philippians 2:3-4
What might it look like to be sensitive to others, and to value them over yourself, in community worship?
What might you need to be sensitive to as we welcome new followers of Jesus?
How can your behaviour, attitude and preparation help point to the glory of God?


Pray that as a church, and as individuals, we may point to the glory of God above all things. Pray for sensitivity to others, pray that new followers of Jesus experience love and welcome.