Small Group Questions – The Way of Love


Ask the group to fold their arms. Who is a left over right? Who is a right over left?
Ask the group to consider how they feel with their arms folded, does it change their mood, their receptiveness, their engagement?

Ask the group to unfold their arms, place their hands beside themselves, either side, and sit up straight. Ask them if this changes their mood, receptiveness and engagement. What if they lean in a little, what happens then? How does it feel in the room

Some may feel no difference, but for those that do, this is significant.

Have the group read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Take turns to read a phrase at a time.
If possible, read from The Message.
How do your friends/colleagues and the world around you define love?
Does this passage highlight similarities or differences between those views and God’s love? What similarities or differences can you see?

Have one of the group read verses 4 to 7 again, and insert the name God for the word love.
What does this reveal about God?
What does it mean in this context to say “God is love.”

Try inserting your own names. Can you see anything that challenges you, or highlights areas for growth?

Take turns to pray for the person to the left of you in the group: Pray that they may grow, becoming more like Jesus, and showing the love of God for each other and the world around them.

Take turns to read John 13:1-17
In your own words, describe how love is shown in this passage.
In your own life, what would it look like to “wash each other’s feet”?
Rod mentioned that Jesus would have washed Judas’ feet. Are there people in your life that you would find difficult to serve like this?
How and in whose strength can you love those who have or will betray or hurt you?
Do you have stories of God working in your life so that you can love those who have hurt you. Share how God moved you to shine his Love through your life.

Pray again for each other to have the chance to love the world around you.