Small Group Questions – What About Everyone Else?

Take time to each share a moment of celebration or a high point of your week with the group.

As a group take turns to read 1 Corinthians 14:1-25

Re-read Verse 1, what does Paul mean by “follow the way of love eagerly”?
If love is the context of the gifts of the Spirit, how does love influence the way we accept and apply those gifts?

John spoke about edification, building up. Who is to be built up by spiritual gifts?
Have you ever experienced the gift of tongues, either yourself or people around you?
Did it build you up, or encourage others around you?
Was an interpretation given?
Why would interpretation of tongues be necessary?
Is interpretation always required or can tongues be an expression or gift without interpretation? In what circumstances?

Re-read verse 3. Why is prophesy especially effective in building up?
Have you ever received a word of prophecy from someone else? Share with the group if this was a word that encouraged you or was damaging. Discuss how to discern encouragement from judgement and condemnation.
Have you ever received a word of prophecy through the Spirit to share with someone else? Share your experiences whether this has been either effective or ineffective.

Read verses 23-25 again. Why is prophesy effective in reaching unbelievers? Why may tongues be ineffective in this situation?

Do you have room in your life to listen to the Spirit?
Are you prepared to take a risk to see and share the images or words the Spirit may give you?
If you are inspired to speak in a tongue are you willing to do so, and to wait on interpretation?
If you are not willing, why not?

As a group take time to wait in silence on what the Spirit lays on your hearts. Pray for each member of your group out of the words, images or inspiration of the Spirit. This may take time, hold the images lightly. Weigh the words and images against Scripture and the nature of God as loving creator, Father, Son, Spirit and saviour.