Small Group Questions – Lifestream’s 70th Celebration

Share an experience of change from your life, share what changed, how you felt and how you have coped or thrived since.

Ask one of  the group to read Isaiah 43:18-19

Ask another Group member to read Mark 2:22

Ask a third group member to read 2 Corinthians 5:17

What do each of these verses say to you about change, specifically how God may change things.
Why would change matter to God?
Leanne talked about embracing struggles and hard times, as through these we are changed, can you identify and share any struggles in your life that may be changing you?

Read our Vision & Mission in the link below.

Our Vision & Mission

In what ways have you experienced change in the community of Lifestreams and/or in the Church?
What are some of the positive outcomes from these changes?

In what way may the Church need to change now, and into the future? Why
If culture is an influence for change on the Church, what things need to remain unchanged, and why?
Are there different ways that the Church can be a witness of Christ to the community around it?
Are there changes that damage the witness of Christ?

Pray for Lifestreams, and for the whole Church, to be open to the ways in which God wants to bring change, to “enlarge the ten poles”, to make room for different people and different witness. Pray for wisdom in holding on to the things that mustn’t change, and releasing the things that can. Pray for the Spirit to guide all leaders and all believers in Jesus in making the decision about where to allow change or liberty. Pray for fruitfulness through the changes that God would bring: Fruit of the spirit, new disciples, transformed lives and the witness of Christ to the community around through these things.