Small Group Questions – Prophecy in the Church

What are the last two photos you took? Discuss, laugh and share.

As a group take turns to read 1 Corinthians 14:26-40


Why would it matter that everything be done that the church may be built up?
What would the opposite of this look like?

Verse 33 speaks about the nature of God shown through the conduct of the church.
Why does Paul contrast disorder with peace rather than disorder with order?
What does that tell you about God and His will for the church?
How does the use of ‘peace’ rather than ‘order’ change the way that we deal with disruption and unexpected spiritual expression?

Read verses 36-38
Have you ever been guilty of believing you have the truth and all other perspectives are wrong? What happened?
Have you ever been given an interpretation of scripture that was presented as truth and later you found it was misinterpreted? How did that influence you?
How do you check if what you believe, and what you practice, are in line with God’s ways?
Share an experience where your understanding or your practice was challenged and changed.

David asked everyone to take time through the service and ask God for a word of prophecy or encouragement for anyone.
If you did this, share the word you were given if you are able to.
If you didn’t have a word, or cant share that word right not, share of a time when someone spoke real encouragement into your life and you recognised it was from God.
Did this change your approach to God, to faith or to life in general?

Optional Material
David provided extended material dealing with role of women in the church, it can be found in the message post. If the group has not read this it may choose to do so.
Two simple questions to address this issue, direct from the scripture:
1. If all is done to build up the church, would total exclusion of women and their gifts expressed in public build it up or damage it? Why?
2. If women are not to speak, then what is the point of verse 39?

Pray for each other to grow in peacefulness and encouragement and to find time to listen to God for words of prophesy.

Repeat the prayer practice of last week: As a group take time to wait in silence on what the Spirit lays on your hearts. Pray for each member of your group out of the words, images or inspiration of the Spirit. This may take time, hold the images lightly. Weigh the words and images against Scripture and the nature of God as loving creator, Father, Son, Spirit and saviour.