Small Group Questions – Bodily Resurrection

Finish this sentence: I was lost for words when….

As a group take turns to read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Rod stated that “what we believe about death and resurrection will shape what we say, who we are and what we do”
Discuss why this would be the case?
Share about people or situations where beliefs about life, death and resurrection have shaped culture, treatment of others, values etc

Share a situation in your life where mortality or the perishable nature of things impacted you.
Were you a follower of Jesus at the time? If so, did this help you, if not, what was your means of dealing with the situation?

Rod highlighted the teaching that death is not the end, that death is swallowed up in the victory of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus is the beginning of this victory.
In what ways are you able to demonstrate this to people around you?
What hope does this give you that other belief structures don’t have? How do you explain this?
Take a few minutes to write this down.

Rod pointed out that bodily resurrection seems weird, it could almost feel safer to talk about heaven as a spiritual place only.
Do you believe that your body will be made new by God?
Does this sound weird to you?
Are there other things you know about God from the bible that show you this idea point to this being the way God does things?
Share with the group how you get your mind around this idea, and what it means for your hope as a follower of Jesus.

Pray for those in your lives who are currently facing the perishable and mortal nature of things. Pray for opportunity to share the hope of Jesus with them. Pray for the members of the group to grow in their experience of hope in their lived and to grow in understanding of what God has done and continues to do through Jesus.