Small Group Questions – Paul’s Final Instructions

Ice Breaker

Think of a person who has been a blessing to you lately, or done something that you are thankful for. Share with the group.

1 Corinthians 16:13-24


1. 1 Corinthians 16:13,14 is part of Paul’s final instructions.
What impacts you out of those verses? Are there any actions for you there?

2. In verse 15 Paul talks about people who ‘devoted themselves to the service of the Lord’s people’. Who do you know that you would say fits into that category? Share about one of those people. Take time this week to contact some of them and thank them for their ministry.

3. “Devotion to ministry comes out of devotion to Christ, which flows from grasping the enormity of God’s love for you.” Discuss that statement.

4. In verse 17 Paul talks about 3 men who ‘refreshed his spirit’. This was WHO they were.
Give some examples of how people refreshed your spirit? What happened for you in those times?
How has God surprisingly refreshed you recently?
What will help you to be a person who refreshes other people’s spirits more?

5. Paul ends his letter (read verses 23,24) with references to grace and love. Describe how you have experienced the grace and love of God

Ask God to show you how your spirit is refreshed, and who in your life might do this. Ask also for the grace to be refreshing to others.