Small Group Questions – Making Things New

Ice Breaker

Consider what you would like to achieve or change in your life by this time next year.


Have one of the group read 2 Corinthians 5:17
Have one of the group read Luke 5:33-39
Have one of the group read Isaiah 43:19


Rod shared about liking new things and new opportuinities: he likes to embrace the new. Consider how you respond to new things and share why you either embrace or feel cautious about new things.

2 Corinthians tells us that anyone in Christ is a new creation. List and share ways in which you are a new creation.

All three passages speak of the new things that God promises through Jesus. What new things does Jesus bring to the world and how can you share this with people in your life?

Rob Reimer says “Our next level of intimacy with God always lies beyond the boundaries of your current experience and the only way you can get there is to risk more than what you are comfortable with.”
Are there risks you need to take in your life to find greater intimacy with God: share with the group and encourage each other.

Rod shared about the need to purge old thoughts and behaviours. Take time as a group to sit and consider what thoughts and behaviours need to be purged. Bring them before God.
Share with the group the things you can.

Rod also share about finding new rhythms to allow God to work and have room to listen to him. As above, consider what a new rhythm would look like in your life. Share with the group.

Pray for each other – that you are open to the purging that may be needed in your life, and that you seek God’s wisdom and guidance in both purging and establishing new rhythms. Pray that for each of you 2018 brings a fresh experience and knowledge of God.