Small Group Questions – Peace: Shalom

Ice Breaker

Share with the group, in one sentence: “Christmas means………………. ”


Have one of the group read Luke 2: 13-14
Have another read Matthew 11:28-30
Have another read Colossians 1: 20


In what ways do you seek peace in your life?

How do you bring peace to the world around you? Could you do this better? Share with the group.

Reread Colossians 1:20
Discuss What this verse means for the world, for believers in Jesus, for those who don’t believe, for creation, for heaven?
How is this power evident through Christmas?
How is it evident through your life?

Reread Matthew 11:28-30
What is the Yoke Jesus offers?
How is this lighter in your life?

In what areas of your life and community do you long for peace? Share with the group.



Pray for each other to both find and exemplify the peace of Jesus Christ. Pray for the areas that each group member needs this peace. Pray for opportunity to bring peace to others.