Small Group Questions – Pass it On

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Do you have any items that have been handed down through your family? Share with the group what they are and what they mean.

Have the group read Psalm 103

Share a description of your image of God.
What changes in that image if you consider that God wants to heal your soul?

What does healing your soul mean?
Do you have a family heritage that needs to healed, share of how God has done this, or of what you desire God to do to bring healing.

What would it mean to you if God forgives you unconditionally?
What would it mean to people around you if you forgave them unconditionally?
What can you change to allow God to forgive you freely, and you to forgive others in the same way?

Who are your people? Who are the people that are your family? Whose life do you play a part in?
List them for the group.

Pray for each other to know God’s healing in your souls, to accept it and to pass it on.