Small Group Questions – The Truth About Mission

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When you picture a “Missionary”, what sort of image comes to mind? Share your mental images.



Have different members of the group read these passages:
2 Corinthians 5:18-20
Acts 1:6-11
Acts 4:13



Have you ever been on a short term mission trip? If so, what one experience struck you?
When Luke shared of his experience in Bali, how did you feel about his joy in going? How did you feel about his need to return to Australia?
Was God at work in Luke’s family returning to Australia? How would you resolve that loss of dream and purpose to find new mission and purpose?

Luke challenged us that Mission is for the WHOLE Church, taking the WHOLE gospel to the WHOLE world.
In your own words explain what this means.
In your own life, what might this mean?

In what ways could you make yourself and your life more available to God’s mission?
One of our values in Authenticity: how would living an authentic faith and life be used by God?
What risks might this require you to take?
In what way is this different to being a “Spiritual Superstar”?

Duncan shared about the English Second Language group he is facilitating on Sundays, Alethea shared about being on mission in life, and not just being absorbed in the every day.
Where may God be calling you to join him through your life? Reflect and share.



Pray for each other to be available to God’s mission, to be active in seeking opportunity, flexible and supple to the changes God may bring in your life, and filled with trust that God can use you. Pray that you all be willing to live on mission.