Small Group Questions – Trust Our Faithful God (NLOL Week 2)

Share a personal story of where God has proven faithful in your life or when one of His promises has been true in your life.

In your groups share some of the promises of God (OT and NT) that you know from the Word.

  • Which ones are unconditional?
  • Which ones apply for today?
  • Which ones apply for when we are with Jesus in eternity?
  • Talk about some of these in regards how Jesus is the Yes to this promise.

Read 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11

Paul has been misunderstood, maligned and hurt by the Corinthian church. His response is to keep them focusing on and trusting God.

  • Share a situation in your life where this happened for you.
  • What current situation would it be important for you to do this?

Paul responds in very Christlike ways to the Corinthians. What helps Paul to respond like this? What can we learn from this for our own lives?

In 2 Corinthians 2:5-11 Paul gives instructions about a person who has hurt Paul and subsequently been removed from the fellowship.

  • What do his instructions tell us about a. Paul and b. trusting God?

In his sermon David mentioned numbers of things about forgiveness. (Forgiveness means to let go, forgiveness is essential, is not forgetting, is hard, is a gift etc.) What were some others? Discuss them in your group.

  • Reflect on times when you forgave a person. What happened? What emotions were evident? Share as you can in the group.
  • Dialogue on the meaning and significance of verse 11.


Have a time of praise, thanksgiving and prayer.


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