Small Group Questions – Godly Woman


What experience of mothering has helped you in life: who has been a ‘mum’ to you and how did they help you?
Give thanks to God for those people.

Read Luke 1:46-55
Think about who Mary was, a young uneducated woman, born into a small marginalised people group under roman rule. Do you ever feel marginalised, insignificant or ‘not enough’?
How do you think God sees you?
How could you be open for God to great things through you? Do things need to change, if so, what?

Read 1 Samuel 1:1-18
How do you address disappointment and broken dreams?
What do you learn about God through this passage?
What dreams may God have for you, and do you trust that he has hopes and dreams for you? If so, how do you maintain this trust? If not, why not?

Read Exodus 2:1-10
What did you learn from this passage?
What things in your life are you holding on to tightly and how could you hand those things over to God with trust?
What things prevent you trusting God and how could you grow in trust?

In one or two scentences try to answer the question “What sort of person does God want me to be”?

Consider Mary’s and Hannah’s prayers: Take a few minutes to write a prayer of trust, hope and praise. Place things in God’s hands, prayerfully bring God the dreams you are holding on to and praise God for the fact that he sees you as significant, and has great things to do through you. Pray that God continues to form each person in the group to be the person He wants them to be.

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