Soul Care: Whole of Life Confession

After I was introduced to Rob Reimer’s Soul Care I prayed that God would reveal to me what needed to be emptied out of the suitcase of my soul. Initially I had a dream of an upturned suitcase with everything falling out onto the bed. Similar to what I would do when returning from a holiday, everything that was in the suitcase needed to go into the washing machine, get put away, given away or thrown into the bin. It was a little overwhelming as to where to begin and how to identify what specifically needed to be emptied out of the suitcase of my soul. This is a different suitcase. Progressively I experienced a series of promptings by the Holy Spirit to deal with specific things, some of which I didn’t even know were in the suitcase. As I asked God to reveal these things to me, progressively He did. Some I understood straight away but some were a complete surprise to me, like someone He asked me to forgive who had long since passed away. I had known this person when I was a young child, had not thought about him since childhood and I needed God to give me further revelation, which, in time, He did. Wow! It’s interesting what may be hidden in the soul suitcase that one may be quite unaware of.

As I continued to pray, one of my promptings was to do a whole of life confession, something which Rob encourages. This was a bit daunting to me as I had never done a confession of this nature
before. Well not to a person anyway. Pride got in my way and I didn’t want to be judged. Mostly I had confessed only to God and not to people. I considered that God had forgiven me for what I had previously confessed so there was no need to tell anyone about those things. I came to realise though, that they needed to come out of the suitcase. Pride was in there and so was shame. I had not been aware of a sense of shame before doing Soul Care but it was very clearly revealed to me. The prompting persisted so I prayed that if it was what God wanted me to do then would He reveal to me who I should confess to. I was concerned about emptying from my soul suitcase onto someone who may not be a willing recipient or who may be adversely affected. After some time God clearly gave me the name of a person to confess to. Wow! This was getting to the pointy end. I needed to act.

The next step I took was to let the person know that I felt God had given me their name for me to do a whole of life confession and that I didn’t expect anything but a listening ear. I asked the person to pray about it before giving me an answer and to feel free to say no and not to feel obliged in any way. I felt if God confirmed to them it was ok then I would arrange a time to meet and for me to confess. We met, I confessed, God healed.

As my journey continues, more seems to surface from the deep recesses of my soul and I still need to empty more from the suitcase. It’s an on‐going journey for me, and God in His unfathomable
grace and mercy continues to gently guide me along. I have found it challenging but I’m encouraged to keep moving towards a richer relationship with Him no matter the cost. It’s more than worth the struggle.

My encouragement is that you also consider caring for your soul, so that you also can grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for you. (Ephesians 3 v 18)

God bless,

Irene Farmer.

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