ADVENT at Lifestreams

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Christians throughout history have embraced this season of spiritual preparation using Advent readings—short Bible passages read while lighting candles on an Advent wreath.

This sacred time invites us to slow down from all the Christmas preparations and parties, to take a deep breath, and remember the reason for the season: the eternal Jesus Christ taking on human flesh, first coming in a manger in Bethlehem and we look forward to his second coming when he comes on the clouds with great power and glory.

This year we would love you to join us in this special season by creating a new Christmas tradition.
Beginning December 1 (this Sunday) every day we are going to read one chapter of the 24 chapters of the book of Luke.
Then on Christmas Eve you will have read an entire account of Jesus’ life and wake up Christmas morning knowing afresh who and why we celebrate.

If you would like a daily reminder I encourage you to search and like the LCCSP Facebook page or just come back to this page and click on the day below and it will take you to the reading for the day. If you want to light a candle go for it. Just remember to blow it out!

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Merry Christmas…