How Are You Shaped?

Do you know how you have been SHAPED?

In this series we take time to look at how we have been uniquely shaped to serve God and serve others.

SHAPED is an acronym for Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience and Discipleship.

This series links in well with our KINGDOM LIFE DISCIPLESHIP TREE and everything that is above the surface of our life.  Knowing how we have been shaped by God enables us to be effective KINGDOM SOWERS, STEWARDS, SERVANTS and of course it will also build up the CHURCH.  However we need to stay connected to Jesus and each other and we need to keep taking responsibility for our own spiritual development (below the surface).

Here are the links to the preaching series and linked resources…

SHAPED 1- Spiritual Gifts

SHAPED 2- Heart, Abilities & Personality

SHAPED 3- Experiences & Discipleship

Please let us know how we can further help you along in this journey of discovery and if you would like to start using your gifts to serve in and out of the church.  Click here to contact us…

We hope and pray that you will press into this 3 part series and be open to what God wants to say and do in you…  AMEN!