Covid 19- Latest Leadership Announcement

G’day Church,

We thought it is an appropriate time to give you an update about the impacts of COVID 19 on our church.

I’m sure that you were pretty excited to hear last Sunday that our local government has started to relax some of the strict social distancing measures that have been in place for the last 5 weeks.

“As of tomorrow, 27 April, based on expert health advice, the two person limit on non-work indoor and outdoor gatherings will be adjusted, with the limit rising to 10 people.”

Here are some of our recommendations moving forward…

Group Size
-Please keep groups to 10 or under.
-Any groups larger than 10 should continue to connect online.
-We think it is appropriate to also count children who will be in the house at the same time as the group who may not necessarily be involved in the meeting.
-If your group chooses to meet in person please try to keep it to the same regular people.

Please continue to adhere to safe hygiene protocols
-Have each group member sanitise their hands as they arrive and leave.
-Be sure to sit at least 1.5 meters apart and, if meeting indoors, have some windows open to ventilate.
-Consider how much space you have in the room. You may need to move to a different room/house or meet outdoors to give adequate space.
-The sharing of food, crockery and cutlery is not recommended.
-Anyone unwell should stay at home.

People who are over 70, those with low immunity, or those who have vulnerable families should keep meeting online

The Department of Health advice for this time is still in place, so if you or anyone in your family begins to present with any of the indicative symptoms of COVID-19, or are in any way sick, please follow the advice available on the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 pages. You can find all relevant information at the following website:

Please contact our Belong Minister, Mandy Wallace or me if you have any questions or if you would like to start or join a group.
Praying God’s best for you and your family.

Rod Thom and Mandy Wallace