Mark: Lifting The Lid

November 21, 2021
Rod Thom
Mark 11:1-11
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Join with us as Rod continues our series through the book of Mark.

Up to this point in the book of Mark, Jesus had been keeping a lid on His identity and pretty much holding back the Kingdom of God.  It wasn’t time!  You might remember he hushed people who wanted to champion his name before they really knew who he was and what he was sent to do.  However today we will see the lid being lifted off in an extraordinary way in Mark 11. News about this amazing man had spread throughout the whole region, word had got out, about what he was doing and what he was saying and now it was time.

Known as The Triumphant Entry also now known as Palm Sunday set around Passover it was a festive time where the people from all over expectantly gathered in the city to celebrate Israel’s deliverance from Egypt.


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