Promised: The Promise Of LOVE

December 24, 2021
Rod Thom
Sorry, the audio is not available for this message.

Join with us as Rod takes us through our last message in our Christmas series, PROMISED: for unto us a child is born.

I think you would agree that it is a wonderful time of the year.  SO MUCH LOVE!  There is a special Spirit in the air isn’t there!  Some call it the “Christmas Spirit” often portrayed in Hollywood as “belief in Santa.”  Higher the belief greater the miracles and wonder.
To me the “Spirit of Christmas” is God’s Spirit reminding us that just over 2000 years ago he fulfilled a wonderful promise of LOVE; He gave the world the greatest gift ever, His son Jesus to be its Saviour King. Not to lord it over us and control us but to demonstrate his GREAT LOVE.  To me that’s the SP of Christmas.


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