Our History

Our History


LCC HistorySouth Perth Church of Christ (now known as Lifestreams Christian Church, LCC) grew from humble beginnings and began by meeting together in one of the member’s houses. A man by the name of Ben Wesley formed a committee to approach the South Perth Roads Board to find out if they could rent a building for their Sunday services. As a result of their endeavours, LCC was officially opened on Sunday 9th November 1947. They attracted 83 people to their first meeting, but this decreased to a regular attendance of 23 people for the next 8-9 months.


In mid 1948, Wesley and some of the LCC members organised a tent mission, which saw 106 people come to Christ. As a result, the church doubled in size from 23 to 46. Twelve months later, they were not only able to purchase a home for the resident Minister, but were now also looking for a block to build their new church home. During this time, the LCC Sunday school attracted about 500 children, which opened the way for a new ministry to commence – a Youth Club. This group started to meet on Friday nights and eventually led to the commencement of the first Police and Citizens Youth Club Association.


On 14th April 1952, the foundation stone for the first Church building was laid. At this time, Stanton Wilson replaced the resident minister Ivan Nixon in 1954, and also conducted a series of tent missions that saw many people accept Christ. The following year, Harold Fitch was introduced as the new minister. Since this time, LCC has released many missionaries and vocational ministers. Almost 10 years after the foundation stone had been laid, the new chapel was erected on the corner of Hensman and David Streets.


1962 saw the introduction of a missional leader by the name of George Wood, who would be later joined by his associate, Kevin Berston. During this time, the Church in Carnarvon was beginning to ‘bear fruit’. In 1969, Jack Bond became the minister at LCC and welcomed more members due to faith and baptism – 164 in all. Following this, Des Nelson became the resident minister between 1972-1980. The Kelmscott and Thornlie Churches of Christ welcomed the support of LCC. It was also around this time that applications were given to Council to acquire 9 acres of land, the site on which LCC is now situated. 1980-84 saw the introduction of Kevin Denton and Bruce Eagles who placed heavy emphasis on evangelism and saw 77 people accept Christ that year (1980). Evangelist, Bill Gaunson became the minister in 1984 and was shortly followed by the appointment of the first youth minister in 1987. The following year, David Stanford was appointed and is currently still ministering at LCC.


Immediate past senior ministers, John and Julie Bond answered the call to minister at LCC in 1992. John, David and the rest of the ministry team have continued to build and see the congregation grow to over 900. Furthermore and in line with its historical foundations, much emphasis has been placed on worship, mission, teaching and evangelism. LCC now provides support to many missionaries that range from local school chaplains to overseas tribal church planters. They have also seen the introduction of an ACOM Hub at the Church. Currently, the leadership are meeting with several Christian groups to discuss possibilities for the development of the block. Accordingly, the land which with vision our forefathers acquired, is likely to be used as a resource that will benefit the whole Church in Perth. So, in the words of one of LCC’s founders, Ben Wesley, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”.

Information taken from Keith Ballantine, How Long is 50 Years.