Our Vision & Mission


What We Do

“Help people find and follow Jesus”


What we hope the future looks like!


We see… a church passionately following Jesus. A Christ Centred Community that encourages continual growth and maturity in Christ while being equipped to relevantly share the Gospel to help people find and follow Jesus.

We see… a church where people find acceptance, love and connection through community. Every person is supported through, and involved in, pastoral care, small groups, worship and ministry opportunities. We seek to be united in one voice and one mind committed to this vision while celebrating our diversity.

We see… a church that prays. We see a church with evidence of the Holy Spirit and the power of God in our lives. We see people empowered by the Holy Spirit, using their spiritual gifts and actively serving in the church and the world.

We see… a church of servant leaders, continuing the great legacy of those before us, obedient to the call of God and raising up new leaders for generations to come. Our leaders serve Lifestreams locally and in the broader community, country and cosmos.

We see… a church breaking new ground and seeking God for new opportunities to build His Kingdom. This includes building a community hub in the heart of our city to be a light of hope for all those around us.

We see… a church growing globally, passionately spreading the love of Jesus to every part of the world by building authentic relationships, breaking out of our comfort zones and welcoming all people. We commit to carrying the hope of Jesus to the ends of the earth and ministering to the oppressed and vulnerable so they can experience the love of God.

Our dream is that one day by God’s grace this church will…

Our Community

Our values serve as the foundation for the building of a healthy Christ Centred Community. We believe that God’s Kingdom and Church will grow automatically as these values are lived out. These values are constant, passionate, Biblical and distinctive beliefs that influence:

  • our shape
  • our decision making
  • our risks, goals and priorities

We believe they have been given to us uniquely as a mandate for living out the purposes of Christ together.

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