C2C Family


Our Family

Who are our C2C Family members?

C2C family members are those who serve God in specific roles using their gifting, training, experience and heart passion to share the Good News of the gospel. Like the Apostle Paul and his team they can say that it’s God’s love that compels, controls and guides them into places and ministries in many parts of the world (2 Corinthians 5:14).

Where do they serve?

In church-based ministry

  • Through basketball coaching and outreach
  • Through English language teaching for overseas students

In our local Community

  • As Chaplains in primary and secondary schools in our area
  • Reaching out to the local indigenous community through Moorditj Keila
  • In outreach to Karawara and Curtin University

In the City of Perth

  • Ministry to the poor and disadvantaged through Eagles City Mission
  • As Chaplain to the West Coast Eagles football team

In our Country

  • Serving students and their families through Chaplaincy in the Kimberly region
  • Supporting indigenous Christian fellowships in Bunbury and Hedland

In our Cosmos

  • In evangelism, discipleship, church planting and training, administration
  • In Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia
  • By expatriate workers from Lifestreams and by national partners ministering in their own countries