Lifestreams Community Services


Lifestreams Community Services (LCS) was birthed in the hearts of our people back in the 1990’s and made possible through a God ordained partnership with Berrington Care Group in 2014.  Berrington has very generously provided 250sqm of space on the ground floor of their 99 bed aged care facility that is currently being built in cooperation with Lifestreams Christian Church South Perth on our site here in Como.  This space gives Lifestreams Community Services a home and will enable us to fulfil our dream.

LCS will be a modern, not for profit initiative that conducts affordable care services that promote life to the full by enhancing the spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical dimensions of life.

LCS will be a warm and welcoming, high quality, multi-faceted care service that does not discriminate but offers comfort, acceptance, love and healing to all.

LCS will be a place where people from all walks of life can come and receive help or assistance with dignity and respect for health or social issues they may be facing. We offer affordable counseling, health and medical care; with access to other services, such as debt reduction coaches and courses that will help families, marriages, parents and individuals.


To provide excellent wholistic community services that meet the needs of people in our community in a compassionate, loving and supportive environment.


We value:

People:  LCS welcomes and accepts people of all ages, nationalities and beliefs.

Hospitality:  LCS is committed to opening its doors to all who are willing to walk through.  We are committed to a welcoming smile and making people feel at home.

Belonging through Relationships:  LCS wants to build healthy and positive relationships with everyone who comes to our service and if they are willing, to connect them to our broader community.

Generosity:  LCS is a not for profit organisation that provides affordable care and seeks to operate with a spirit of generosity with all available resources.

Servant Leadership:  LCS providers are committed to modelling their care on the way Jesus served and cared for people; committed to compassionately walking with people in their discomfort or suffering, striving to understand their experience, respecting and treasuring the unique dignity of every person.

Excellence:  LCS will strive to provide excellent community services and care.