C2C Grow

C2C Grow

We want to equip every Vision Partner of our church to be a disciple maker. Here are some resources to help you explore your place in God’s mission for this world and through them grow in faith and confidence.

Short Courses

The Kairos Course is a dynamic course that focuses on what God is doing around the world in fulfilment of His global purpose. It is designed to educate and mobilize Christians and local churches into strategic, 21st century, worldwide Christian mission.

For further information about Kairos and other courses available, email us to find out more.

Online Learning Modules

These 30 minute modules from Pioneers Australia are designed to deepen our understanding of God’s heart for the world and what we can do.

C2C Internship

The C2C team offers an annual internship to help you find your place in God’s mission in this world. It includes local missional opportunities and an overseas trip. Email us for more details.

Short-term mission trips

Lifestreams offers opportunities each year through our mission partners.  As well, many Christian agencies run short-term exposure trips to a range of countries.  Luke Tassell and other church leaders would love to chat with you about this.

Reading and Praying

Many great books have been written about what God is doing in the world. Here are a few to get you started:

– ‘Operation World‘ and ‘Pray for the World’ by Jason Mandryk
– ‘Miraculous Movements‘ by Jerry Trousdale
– ‘A Wind in the House of Islam‘ by David Garrison

Want to help your children pray for the world?  Try these titles:

– ‘Window on the World’ by Molly Wall

– ‘Forty Days, Forty Bites’ and Forty Days, Forty more Bites’ by Trudy Parkes