What to Expect

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Overall Vibe

It’s our hope that as soon as you arrive on our campus you sense that we have been expecting you.  As you walk in the door you will be greeted with a smile and a warm hand shake and if you have children someone will give you some information about our children’s program.  Obviously if you wish to keep your children with you throughout your visit that is completely up to you.  If you have an infant we have a room called “Family Foreshore” just off to the side of the foyer.  This room is equipped with all of the comforts a parent might need and it also has a large screen so you can watch what is happening in the main auditorium.

As you move through the foyer hopefully you will hear the buzz of community, smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, notice that we are casually dressed and see that we are an intergenerational church from many different cultures.  We also hope that you will get a sense that we are a group of people that care for each other deeply and really enjoy new people visiting our church.

If you get stuck for anything please feel free to go to the information desk.

At 8.55am and 10.40am you will hear music coming from the auditorium and you will notice people starting to move in.  Feel free to move in with them and sit wherever you feel most comfortable. At Lifestreams South Perth we have no reserved seats so please don’t worry about sitting in someone else’s chair. We will be thrilled that you have made the decision to join us.

Service Flavour and Components

Once in the auditorium one of our worship leaders or pastors will stand up, welcome everyone and let everyone know what will be happening in the service.  Here is a brief summary of our major service components…

Our worship has a contemporary flavour, where we encourage passionate congregational singing.  You will be invited to join in this time but again you choose to what extent.

One of our pastors during this time will give some information about some of the up and coming events in the life of the church and on most occasions will interview someone from within our community about their life and what they are doing in their spheres of life.

There will be opportunity to give in the service but you need to know that you are free to do as you feel led.

One of our pastors will give a 20-30 minute talk from the Bible and will endeavour to communicate how the passage is relevant to our lives.

We work pretty hard to make sure that there is space in our services for prayer, times of silence, reflection and communion.

At the end of the service our leaders make themselves available to chat and pray with anyone who wishes to receive prayer.

Children, Youth & Young Adult Programs

Children aged 6 months-11 years click here

Young People aged 12-17 years click here

Young Adults aged 18-28 click here

The Connect Table

At roughly 10:15am and 12.00pm there will be a special morning tea for our guests.  We would love to shout you a free coffee from the connect table in our café area and get to know you a little.

Our welcome team would love to meet you.

The Loop Cafe

The café is open during our Sunday morning services.  Feel free to bring your coffee into the service.