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Parenting through a Pandemic – Talking to Kids About Covid-19

The thought of having to chat to your kids about COVID-19 can seem quite daunting, so we’ve searched high and low to provide you with some thoughts and tips for talking to your kids about COVID-19.
  1. Set the example with a posture of faith and love.
    Remind your kids of our mighty God who loves us and is in control. Let’s also remind our kids that because of our duty to love our neighbours, we sometimes have to do things (social distancing, isolation etc) to protect them. It is out of a deep conviction for and love of people that we take proactive and protective measures during times like these. Help your kids read Scripture, specifically verses that deal with fear and worry.
  2. Let your kids lead the chat.
    Ask your kids what they know about the Coronavirus and see how they respond. You’ll probably be surprised by how much they seem to know. Approaching the topic like this will certainly give you an understanding of what your kids know, but most importantly, it’ll help you see what your kids want to know, the questions and concerns they may have.
  3. Give them the facts.
    In an age-appropriate way provide your children with facts about the Coronavirus. Give them honest information to fight worrying rumours. There are countless sources and resources available now with kid-friendly language that’ll help you explain COVID-19 to your kids.Some sources we found are:


  4. Listen to them.
    It is really important to listen to our kids, to make sure they know they have been heard before speaking.
  5. Talk through the scenarios.
    Your kids might have a lot of “What if…” type questions. In a productive and practical way, help them unpack their what if’s. Having a rational discussion about specific scenarios and coming up with or explaining your action plans will help your kids feel reassured that there is a plan.
  6. Explore what you can do as a family.
    Get creative and think of fun things you can do during this time.Here’s another great resource: 
  7. Encourage each other to be others-focused.
    During a time when most people are only thinking about themselves, explain to your children that during seasons like this we should be thinking about and helping/supporting others. Where appropriate involve your kids in our Corona Care initiative. Take them with you to purchase groceries or deliver groceries to someone’s doorstep. When you pray, pray for the needs of others. Help your kids to understand that God can use them at this time to be salt and light in very tangible ways.

You’ve got this families! If you need prayer or support please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at church.

We love you and can not wait to see you soon!